Cash For Your Old Dyson

If you have an old Dyson that’s taking up valuable space, I will come and collect it for free and pay you cash! It doesn’t need to be working but I just ask that it’s in reasonable condition. If it’s got one too many broken parts I offer a free Dyson recycling service – see Dyson recycling details below.

 Dependant on condition and the model; as a guide I will pay:

 * £5 for a DC01, DC02, DC03 or DC04

* £10 for a DC05, DC07, DC08 or DC11

* £20 for a DC14, DC15, DC19, DC20

* £30 for a DC24 or DC25

 Dyson Recycling

If you want to create some extra space and are planning a trip to the local dump – save yourself the bother and let me come and collect it for free!

Don’t send it to landfill – help save another Dyson!

If you have an old Dyson cluttering up your home or shed, please contact Russ on 07584622922 or email me on info@essexvacs.co.uk. If it goes through to voicemail please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.