Dyson Servicing

Lack of maintenance is the most common cause of a Dyson losing its performance. Your Dyson is an expensive purchase and much like a car, it needs regular servicing to keep it working at its best. 

Other people may appear to be offering cheaper Dyson servicing but please check what's included for that price and you will see what great value for money EssexVacs is. A normal 'run of the mill' service involves the cyclone being flushed out, a general clean and maybe new filters if you're lucky - with an EssexVacs deep clean and service you will get your Dyson back looking virtually new as you can see further on down the page.

With budget in mind, I offer two options for Dyson Servicing at EssexVacs:

Premium Deep Clean and Service
£45 including new filters if necessary (£50 if HEPA filter)

For your first visit I recommend a deep clean and service to get rid of the years of built up dust and dirt that's accumulated. Your Dyson is completely dismantled down to its individual parts and these go through a three stage cleaning process. The cyclone is also pressure washed to make sure suction is optimum when it’s all put back together again. I can’t get rid of the deep scratches but as you will see below the majority of marks and scuffs can successfully be removed.

During reassembly all components are inspected and moving parts lubricated. The end result is your Dyson back looking practically new but without the hefty price tag. Below is an example of the work you can expect from me:

                         Straight out of the shed:                After EssexVacs Deep Clean & Service:                                                                  

              Dyson servicing Essex  Refurbished Dysons Essex

Any further replacement parts would be an additional cost but only after gaining your permission first.

Routine Service
 £25 with new filters if necessary (£30 if HEPA filter)

After an initial deep clean and service I recommend regular annual servicing to keep your Dyson working like a dream. A clogged up Dyson means that the motor runs hot and leads to it burning out - regular servicing helps prolong your machines life and avoids costly repairs or even having to spend out on a new one!

As part of the routine service your Dyson is partially dismantled and inspected, cleaned and any blockages removed. Keep your Dyson working like a dream for the equivalent of less than 50p per week!

Dyson charge a massive £73 for a routine service excluding filters so either of the servicing options by EssexVacs represent real value for money.

  I also provide a free annual servicing reminder.

Courtesy Dyson

 For a small deposit or payment up front, I can provide a courtesy Dyson* to take home and use while I’m servicing yours. This is a specially designed ‘rainbow’ Dyson that is completely unique and built using as many different colour parts as I could find!

 *subject to availability

 To enquire about servicing please contact Russ on 07584622922 or email me on info@essexvacs.co.uk. If it goes through to voicemail please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.