Dyson Models

Take a look at the below Dyson models to see which one is the best fit for you.



The DC01 was the very first UK upright Dyson model. It is still very popular today because it’s built like a tank! Also, this was the first bagless vacuum cleaner based around James Dyson’s famous dual cyclone technology.

The DC01 is considered pretty retro now. First introduced in the mid-nineties, they are still quite sought after because they are such great work horses.

If you want the famous Dyson suction but haven’t got (or simply don’t want to spend) £300+ for a new one, this is a great introduction to the world of cyclone technology.


Models | Dyson DC02 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC02 was Dysons first attempt at the cylinder pull along type vacuum cleaner.

Similarly built around the dual cyclone technology as the DC01, the DC02 was designed to sit nicely on the stairs.


Models | Dyson DC03 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC03 was Dyson’s lightweight, low profile upright cleaner. Intended for people who found the DC01 too cumbersome to carry around the home.

It is the quirky twin cylinder version of the DC01 with one cylinder to collect dust and dirt and the second which contained a pair of HEPA filters.


Models | Dyson DC04 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC04 was the successor to the DC01. It included washable filters and a few other improvements on what was already a great cleaner!

Unlike its predecessor, the DC04 is more suited to larger homes. Some models include a clutch so the brushbar can be turned off and used on hard floors and delicate rugs. They are still incredibly popular for very good reason!


Models | Dyson DC05 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC05 was Dyson’s second attempt at the cylinder vacuum cleaner. It was a huge improvement on the DC02 which hadn’t proved particularly popular.

The now pretty rare motorhead version had a motorised brushbar for improved pick-up on carpets.


Models | Dyson DC07 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC07 supersedes the DC04 and uses Root 8 Cyclone technology which improved the suction ever so slightly. This model is a definite improvement over the previous versions, most notably the bin emptying.

Dyson started using a hinged bin flap so emptying was much cleaner and easier than the DC04. The DC07 is probably still the most popular model and the one I sell most of!


Models | Dyson DC08 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC08 is the bigger version of the DC05 and is more suited to larger homes.

The DC08 was the first cylinder vacuum cleaner to incorporate the root cyclone technology.


Models | Dyson DC11 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC11 was the first cylinder Dyson to feature the telescopic wrap. This enabled the wand and hose to wrap around the body and stow away in a much smaller space than the previous cylinder Dysons.

The turbine head and tools were designed to be stored on board the machine to make it even more compact.

The DC11 wasn’t a great success so Dyson later introduced the telescopic wrap feature to the more popular DC08 model.



Models | Dyson DC14 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC14 is the model above the DC07. The telescopic wand on this model has the most noticeable improvement. Much better than the DC07 for the stairs and hard to reach areas.

This model can still be found in the shops for around £300. There’s a huge saving to be had with one of my reconditioned DC14’s!


Models | Dyson DC15 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC15 is the ball equivalent of the DC14.

The ‘ball’ makes it much more manoeuvrable than the other upright Dysons to date. It can glide around obstacles rather than the traditional backwards and forwards motion.


Models | Dyson DC18 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC18 ‘Slim’ is the next version of the lightweight DC03 weighing just 6.6kg.

The DC18 was an improvement over the DC03 and used Root 6 Technology over Root 8 because of its more slender shape and also incorporates the ball technology.


Models | Dyson DC19 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC19 is the more modern looking DC08 but still incorporates the on-board tool storage of the DC11.



Models | Dyson DC20 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC20 is the telescopic wrap version of the DC19.


Models | Dyson DC24 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC24 is the small ultra-lightweight ball Dyson weighing just 5.4kg. This Dyson is extremely compact and ideal for people who live in flats or small homes/apartments where storage is an issue.

The bin capacity is pretty small so I wouldn’t recommend this model for anyone in a big home. You’d be forever emptying it! They are still currently in the shops for around £300 so there is a real saving to be had here!


Models | Dyson DC25 | EssexVacs | Colchester

The DC25 is the bigger brother of the DC24. It takes everything that’s great about it and makes it larger and more suitable for bigger homes.

Being the ‘Ball’ model this glides around the home effortlessly and makes going around any obstacles a breeze. Still in the shops these fetch around £330 so you can get this at half the price!