New Motor Fitted

12-month guarantee – from £55 (model dependant)

If nothing happens when you switch on your Dyson or there is an electrical burning smell, the chances are you need a new motor fitted. Don’t despair as I can fit a brand new replacement motor with a 12-month guarantee and service your machine for much, much less than the price of a new Dyson.

There is normally an underlying reason why a motor has burnt out so I also perform a deep clean and service whilst it’s in pieces, to stop the same thing happening again. The end result – your Dyson back looking practically new and working like you’d just taken it out of the box for the first time.

* Cylinders from £55
* Uprights from £65

Dyson charge an eye watering £99 to fit a new motor and you won’t get the deep clean and service that you’d receive at EssexVacs!

Alternatively, you can buy one of my refurbished Dysons which are ready to take away with you straight away.

Courtesy Dyson

For a small deposit or payment up front, I can provide a courtesy Dyson* to take home and use while I’m servicing yours. This is a specially designed ‘rainbow’ Dyson that is completely unique and built using as many different colour parts as I could find!

If you need a new motor fitting to your Dyson please contact Russ on 07584 622922 or email me on If it goes through to voicemail please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

*subject to availability

New Motor Fitted | Dyson Repairs | EssexVacs | Colchester
New Motor Fitted | Dyson Repairs | EssexVacs | Colchester